As a Seller, aren't you looking for Top Dollar

To do so, it's imperative to set your home apart.

 It's 2020---->Time to Get SMART!

10 Things you NEED TO KNOW now about Smart Homes:

1.  A smart home uses internet-connected devices for remote monitoring and management of appliances and systems.

2. You can't just install a Smart thermostat and call it a day.  The following requirements outline how a property can fall in the "Smart Home" category:

      • A Smart Security Device (like a smart lock or camera), a Smart Temperature Feature (like a smart thermostat), AND of course an area capable of securing Wireless Internet Connection.

      • Additionally,  two more Smart features are mandatory. However, these can range from lighting and appliances, to smoke detectors and irrigation systems.  In between are HUNDREDS of options. And, just like with sprinkles on a sundae... the more the merrier!

3.  Whether it's energy savings resulting in lower utility bills from Smart appliances or lights, or lower insurance rates due to Smart security devices, (think carbon monoxide detectors and cameras) a $ saved is a $ earned!

4.  It's estimated that having Smart Home Devices can save a home owner about 30 minutes a day, or nearly one and a half weeks a year.

5.  81% of Buyers indicated that they would rather buy a home where Smart Features were already installed.

6.  More than 3 out of 5 Americans said Smart security devices are the biggest benefit of having a Smart Home.

7.  When it comes to Smart Home Technology the issue of hackers is a common concern.  Using secure WiFi and different passwords for each device can ensure security.  Plus, hackers haven't figured out a way to make any real money off of cracking into Smart home devices.

8. Buyers perfer Smart systems that are hardwired and owned directly by the property owner instead of leased (like secuity alarm systems).

9. Transfer of Smart device accounts from sellers to buyers can be tricky.  It's best to work with your Realtor to stay organized and adhere to the proper timelines.

10.  A Smart home is estimated to sell for 5-10% more than its identical non Smart home counterpart. Of course this depends on just how many Smart features the home has. Additionally, it has been noted that Smart homes sell faster.

  Smart home technology is ever growing in real estate, ranging from modern homes to those occupied by the senior population to rental properties.  Being able to monitor homes while physically away is top priority.

What are you waiting for?  Ask for my help in getting your property set up and sold as a "Smart Home!"




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