Saturday, July 16, 2016

Star Properties welcomes you to a classic concrete Florida Keys home for sale at 93 Marina Avenue. From your front door, walk or bike one quiet street through this historic central Port Largo neighborhood, pick up just-off-the-boat fresh caught lobster or stone crab or the catch of the day at the legendary Key Largo Fisheries overlooking it's bustling marina, walk back to the house, drop your fresh seafood in the marinade, leave it in the fridge and go for a cycle, run or walk to Key Largo Community Park, you'll pass by the Volleyball and Tennis Courts, see kids play at the Pirate Ship pool or catch a glimpse of US Olympic Swim team hopefuls training at the Jacobs Aquatic Center. Head back home to 93 Marina Avenue in time to throw the fish on the grill, and catch a horizon sunset from the Port Largo Homeowners Park at the end of the street on the Atlantic Ocean, with it's salt water lagoon, boat ramp you are spoiled, here. Five minutes walking from 93 Marina Avenue's front door is everything good in life. Just to make sure you get the picture here.

Enjoy our 3 minute Video Log from Lovelyworld Adventure LLC. This video log takes you from 400 feet above the neighborhood features down the street and into an all video interior walk around. Plus, especially for Star Properties, it's narrated so you know where you are. Come for a glimpse of Port Largo, Marina Drive and Ocean Bay Drive then call Star Properties for your next move.